Hi, I'm Noah Herman
I'm a UX Designer, a Graphic Designer with digital and print proficiencies, an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design, a "musician", and an unofficial movie and graphic novel critic.
Since graduating from Daemen University in 2018, I've enjoyed different types of design experiences. I’ve helped spearhead product design development as a contract worker, I’ve helped design fully integrated B2B campaigns across multiple mediums during my time in Advertising, and I even jumped right into teaching months after graduating (teaching your friends was definitely strange). Out of all of these unique moments, I’ve learned I'm intensely interested in problems of all kinds and am proud to have built a toolbelt that I’m confident can provide solutions for a number of them. 
Feel free to email me, message me on LinkedIn, or find me at an AAF Buffalo event, I’d love to talk about anything, and I mean it.

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