Synthetic Jubilation is a nine-track album that explores three aspects of today's online digital world. In three distinct parts of the album, I reflect on information, vanity, and love– each represented by blue, green, and red. What do we do with nebulas information found online? What are the implications of our online persona? Can you develop a truly intimate connection online? The album's lyrical themes raise questions like these.
For the project, I produced, wrote, mixed, and mastered every track on the album. I fabricated the packaging from scratch, coded a website experience, created all 3D concepts for the packaging and the gallery experience, and took all photography associated with the project. Above are select images of the album packaging.
Below are images taken of the gallery experience that took place at Daemen University's Tower Gallery. I began the experience by introducing attendees to the album's lyrical themes and musical motifs by allowing them to interact with an active virtual synthesizer in front of questions associated with each part of the album. The synthesizer was synced to the tempo and scale of a musical loop taken from a song on the album, allowing attendees to uniquely engage with the music without distracting other attendees. While walking around the space, attendees also found posters relating to each part of the album. Each poster in the gallery, like the package cover, functioned as an active QR code for the album, taking attendees to links on the mobile website that encapsulated that part of the album. After an hour of exploring and discussing what the album was about, the music began, and the album played in full while visuals were projected onto the gallery's wall. 

This project was the culmination of nearly five months of work and has plenty of stories behind its production. If you'd like to hear more about the project please reach out– I'd love to discuss the packaging's secrets and talk about music production.
Additional Support: Brian Grunert and the team at White Bicycle, Buffalo NY
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